Emmaline's Blog


After much deliberation, we've decided to hold Emmaline's funeral at Duneira, Officer Lane, Mount Macedon. The ceremony will commence at 11:30am on Tuesday 9 June, and will be followed by lunch and drinks. We're asking people not to buy flowers but instead to make a donation in lieu to a trust fund for Nelleke and Anouks' future education. I'll provide further details on how to make a donation in the next couple of days. 

We'd also like people to bring flowers and foliage from their own gardens. Our garden was such a source of comfort to Emmaline over the past year - during that time she saw so many plants germinate, grow and die. It made her feel grounded when so many other things were changing. So we want to surround her at the funeral with flowers and leaves from the gardens of the many people who love her.

If you aren't able to make it to the funeral feel free to send us a message which we'll post up or read out on the day.

Children are welcome to attend and we'll have some activities to keep them involved. Or if you'd prefer to leave your child at home or school then that's fine too. There is a big garden to walk around, but it will be cold so please bring warm clothes.

We're also holding a small, private vigil on Sunday 7 June. And in the coming months will hold a memorial service at Mossy Point in New South Wales.

It'd be great if you could spread the word amongst Emmaline's friends, colleagues and family - it's hard for us in the short time available to tell everybody who needs to know. 

Please check back here for updates.